From 25th February till 31th March you can see our performances on the board Silja Symphony - Helsinki - Stockholm


8th February we showed our performance on the 3th Anniversary Casino Malta.

It was great time and work :)


From 15.11.18 till 31.12.18 We had pleasure performance with the best artists in new Dinner Show " Palais des Etoiles" in Landau - Germany

This show is amazing

Once again in the China - city - Dalian.

From 8.03.18 till 1.11.18 we show our new performance . 

From 28.11.17 till 7.01.18 we have pleasure show our act in the Winter Variete in Schloss Heidelberg in Germany.

We have contract in China - city Dalian

From 5.03.17 till 1.11.17


10.02.17 We had pleasure show our act on the "Sport Event " in city Rumia in Poland.


21.01.17 We show our act "hand to hand" on the party in Politechnika in Warsaw - Poland


13.01.17 We had pleasure show our act on the company event from Holland Bank



5.01.17 We had pleasure work on the company event in Hotel "Warszawianka" in Jachranka - Poland



After New Year in Dubai in 3.01.17 we work for company "Krka" on the event company


We show our act in the Dubai 31.12.16 for the guest in the hotel Burj Al-Arab


21.12.16 We had pleasured with group "Ocelot"show  "Christmas Show" in Legnica - Poland


18.12.16 We had pleasured with group "Ocelot" show "Christmas Show" in Legnica - Poland

20.11.2015 We had pleasure show our act on the event in Legnica - Poland